Do you like video game chat? Tough. We make you wade through 15 minutes of pointless waffle about Edward Norton and SmartPrice toothpaste before Duncan mutters something about Frets On Fire X. Derek buys a knife.




(And Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and you waffling about Plants Vs Zombies – Derek)

Rambo: First Blood: Part 1: Rambo
Ice Pirates
Youth in Revolt

(And Princess and the Frog featuring Janine reviewing – Derek)

Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be much there, but we will somehow waste 1 hour of your life. (That’s because you forgot to include two other games AND YOUR WIFE – Derek)

“Zombie on your Lawn” – Laura Shigihara
“As We May Think” - Revolution Void
“Biomythos” - Revolution Void

Some kind of new feature where YOU the listener vote on whether or not the next Iconochromatic will actually have any content. I predict no votes either way.