Vertical deflection

What Derek doesn’t realize is that we don’t actually speak English – to us it sounds like a tongue shared by our listeners, but we actually speak like “Yip Yip ack ACK yip”. So in addition to converting the files and mixing them, I have to run the audio through a translation program with human speech synthesis. Since there’s no “posh Doncaster” accent freely available, I had to write this software myself – and rewrite it every time because for some reason our non-euclidian alien tongue corrupts the program as it is fed through. Not only that, for some piddling reason, I can’t use a high-level programming language. I have to write it in binary machine code using a microscopic magnet to directly flip the bits on my hard drive plates.

Anyway, we talk about The Hunger Games fresh from the screen, but we ramble on a bit too long. Fortunately a cartoon monkey saves the day.

Vertical deflection

We are praiseworthy of Take Shelter and we ponder the physics behind Captain Forever.

Vertical deflection

Another thirty minutes of Derek and Duncan aimlessly wandering around Doncaster whilst emiting gutteral intonations, forming compressions waves in the air, picked up by a small diaphram and converted into an electric signal, compressed, then yadda yadda you know the rest.

Reviews of Scream 4 and Never Let Me Go, and various bits of waffle.

Vertical deflection



(And Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and you waffling about Plants Vs Zombies – Derek)

Rambo: First Blood: Part 1: Rambo
Ice Pirates
Youth in Revolt

(And Princess and the Frog featuring Janine reviewing – Derek)

Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be much there, but we will somehow waste 1 hour of your life. (That’s because you forgot to include two other games AND YOUR WIFE – Derek)

“Zombie on your Lawn” – Laura Shigihara
“As We May Think” - Revolution Void
“Biomythos” - Revolution Void

Some kind of new feature where YOU the listener vote on whether or not the next Iconochromatic will actually have any content. I predict no votes either way.