We talk about: Numberjacks, Exam, The Long Goodbye, Community and Safe House.

Spot the deliberate factual errors. We also find out that drawing pins rolling pins are useful for “emphasizing your points.”


Reviews of films Sucker Punch, The Eagle, The Secret of Moonacre, and the game Railworks, all whilst we travel by foot to a mystery location.


Another Skyped episode, and this time we try recording it entirely on Derek’s computer. As a result, Duncan voice often cuts out, is feint, or sometimes arrives in jumbled packages. Hurrah!

In this episode:
* Duncan moans about Prince of Persia: Sands of Time,
* Derek reviews seven movies: The Rural Juror, Carpet of Doom, Cannibal Stewardess Vixens Unchained, Moon Men from Mars, The Hula Girl and the Fullback, A Day in the Life of a Button, and Die, Scum-Sucking Pig, Die
* Music! Happy Ending? by us, and Gethsemane, by us.
* Finding Nemi.
* This week’s Duncan Recommends a Podcast is Skeptoid.

As promised, we would now like to insult our listeners for not reading these shownotes.

Roderiguez – You make my arm slightly ache.
Bill Rench – Your facial features are similar to those of the lower castes.
Grubber Fist – You have the aroma of peas.
Filbert Crud – I bet this morning you dropped a piece of toast, then later knocked over an unopened carton of orange juice. Because you are clumsy.
Jason – You are likely to have scabs on your shins, from picking at spots.
Elane Lareela – I suspect that you think that correlation is the same as causation. Hah! You’ve falled for a common statistical error!
El Fredo – Whilst your taste in music isn’t completely repellent, it is sometimes of dubious technical quality.
Darwin Jones – Yesterday I noticed that you had a bit of broccoli stuck between your teeth, but I didn’t say anything. So it was you who looked like a sillyhead! This time.
Ike – I had a dream that included you, last week. In the dream your middle torso was transparent, and inside you there were bees. You looked really uncomfortable! In my dream.
Zeke Bohansen – Your girlfriend believes in homeopathy. Hah hah, you like kissing a thicky person!
Fred Freak – I have no issues with you. Please can I have my hamster back?