ryan gosling

ryan gosling

In the final episode of series 4 we discuss:

Lie To Me

The Thick of It

Fast Girls


Some iOS games.

Dead Island (360)

With music from Spacebuoy and Toxic Avenger.

There’s quite a bit of gaming talk in this one near the end actually.

ryan gosling

We’re back after a long wait due to lots of editing required for this episode. I’m in a hurry so don’t expect anything clever from me right now.

Talk involving the films:

Valhalla Rising

Lethal Tender

Clockwork Orange

We Need to Talk About Kevin

The Help

Ides of March

Yellow Sea

And a bit a bout some books – The Road and Ender In Exile.

That’s pretty much it.

ryan gosling

A thoroughly action packed show again as we seem to be doing them about once every two weeks right now. So without further ado, here’s what’s on the show:

Main film coverage -

Jezebels (AKA Switchblade Sisters)
Land of Doom
Lost in New York

Very briefly covered films are:

Real Steel, 3 Musketeers, Truck Turner, ROTOR, Wolfpack, 10 Cents a dance, Mexicali Rose

And Duncan also talks a little about Gears of War 2.

There’s music from the Drive soundtrack in the form of College (ft Electric Youth), Cliff Martinez and Desire.

That’s your lot and bob might be your uncle should your uncle be called bob.