nicole kidman

nicole kidman

In this episode we are joined by possibly new regular co-presenter Garry Fromont who you may know from a) the last episode and b) that episode ages ago in series 4. We discuss many things and bemoan the lack of professional setup despite Derek’s best attempts. Peculiarly the singstar microphone does a much better job than the AKG one. Still never mind. We talk of the follow, some of them more in depth than others.

Cockneys vs Zombies

Puppet Master 2

Youth in Revolt

Troll Hunter

Princess Bride


Resident Evil Apocalypse

Tresspass (2011)

Parks and Recreation

There’s also a competition in this episode where you can win an as yet unidentified and unselected dvd. It’s a mystery what it is! But that’s part of the fun. Our email address is team at

Music this time is from the Bastard Fairies and Talk Talk. This is all the information you need for now.

nicole kidman

With this episode please welcome friend and former employee Garry Fromont.

We talk about Practical Magic, Little Shop of Horrors (1986), Twilight and Tin Tin.

A few games are talked about as well like Devil Survivor 2 and Heavy Rain.