mel gibson

Derek Anthony Willams and Christopher Windsor talk about
Don’t Breathe
Blair Witch
Girl on the Train
The Girl With All The Gifts
Green Room
Deep Water Horizon
Blood Father
War on Everyone

mel gibson

Duncan thinks he’s got it hard? I have to set up my studio for recording, check levels and that everything is switched on, create a running order, get special guests involved and then record it. After which I export it to a wav, edit it slightly in ableton, create a mock radio 5 live podcast intro, convert to mp3, create a cover image THEN upload to the website and write all this gumpf.

Anyway this time we talk about:

The Beaver

Vidal Sassoon the Movie

Hogfather. AGAIN.

Watchmen/Alan Moore

Hunger Games (but this should have been after the pediconochromatic about it)

21 Jump Street

We are joined by special guest Wyl Christie. That’s it. Now go and listen.

mel gibson

Amusingly taking its title from something Duncan said which was later cut out, Iconochromatic returns in its own lovable fashion. In this episode we talk about

Too Much
The Rebound

Legend of the Seeker
Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Equal Rites
The Good the Bad and the Multiplex

We have a guest star in the form of a new synthesiser! The Yamaha CS10. Which is a little bit temperamental with its sound output volume.

Oh and there’s music from Royksopp and Robyn, They Might Be Giants and George S Clinton.