julia roberts

Here’s another Iconochromatic. Which a few people seemed to actually want when asked about it on Twitter. Anyway I’d better hurry and get this released.

Film Reviews:

(Terror at the) Opera

Mirror Mirror

Street Dance 2

Wrath of the Titans

and a look at old arcade games:

Elevator Action Returns

Captain Commando

And exclusive music from:

julia roberts

We’re back! Except in a way we’ve not actually been away have we? All the special episodes and whatnot have been keeping you entertained hopefully.¬† But this is proper Iconochromatic. The start of the third series. If such demarkations are necessary.

We discuss films:

Bronson, Bridesmaids, Insidious, Larry Crowne, The Proposal and RollerBall.

And games:

Tiny Tower, Read Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare and Dynasty Warriors 7.

Music is Glass Candy РDigitial Versicolour, Alien Sex Fiend РComatose (full on industrial bongos from hell mix) and Death in Vegas  РDirge.

We also have a special guest in the form of One Life Left letter writer extraordinaire – Ben Hall.