jodie foster

Duncan thinks he’s got it hard? I have to set up my studio for recording, check levels and that everything is switched on, create a running order, get special guests involved and then record it. After which I export it to a wav, edit it slightly in ableton, create a mock radio 5 live podcast intro, convert to mp3, create a cover image THEN upload to the website and write all this gumpf.

Anyway this time we talk about:

The Beaver

Vidal Sassoon the Movie

Hogfather. AGAIN.

Watchmen/Alan Moore

Hunger Games (but this should have been after the pediconochromatic about it)

21 Jump Street

We are joined by special guest Wyl Christie. That’s it. Now go and listen.

jodie foster

In a possibly slightly extended edition we visit the cinema to see Chronicle and discuss The Machinist, The Grey, Carnage, This Means War and obviously Chronicle.

jodie foster

After a somewhat faltering start to Series 3 due to Duncan’s unfortunate work schedule, we’re back with a bumper episode. Except really it’s a special. But nevertheless we’re calling it episode 2. We review 45 films in just over an hour. This is because w’ere going through our checked off films on These films are:

Raging Bull
The Debt Collector
Short Time
Shutter Island
American Psycho II: All American Girl
Fatal Beauty
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Pulse 2: Afterlife
El Mascarado Massacre
Rabbit Seasoning
Dark Angel: The Ascent
Children of Men
The Big Bus
The Great Escape
City of Ember
Working Girl
In the Company of Men
The Miracle Woman
Woman of the Year
The Fly
America Unchained-
The Lincoln Lawyer
When in Rome
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
Union Pacific
Anna and the King
No Reservations
Captain America: The First Avenger


The Runaways
Black Death
Meet John Doe
Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
Batoru rowaiaru
Double Dragon

Anyway. We hope you enjoy it.