What Derek doesn’t realize is that we don’t actually speak English – to us it sounds like a tongue shared by our listeners, but we actually speak like “Yip Yip ack ACK yip”. So in addition to converting the files and mixing them, I have to run the audio through a translation program with human speech synthesis. Since there’s no “posh Doncaster” accent freely available, I had to write this software myself – and rewrite it every time because for some reason our non-euclidian alien tongue corrupts the program as it is fed through. Not only that, for some piddling reason, I can’t use a high-level programming language. I have to write it in binary machine code using a microscopic magnet to directly flip the bits on my hard drive plates.

Anyway, we talk about The Hunger Games fresh from the screen, but we ramble on a bit too long. Fortunately a cartoon monkey saves the day.


Hot on the heels of the last Iconochromatic comes another one. Of it. This episode’s vague reviews are on the following films:

The Skin I Live In
Adventures in Babysitting
Ipcress File
Sucker Punch

And music is provided by
Lloyd Cole and The Commotions
Toto Coelo

There’s no recent films in there as Underworld 4 was so bad it put me off going to the cinema for a while.

Anyway that’s it. I’d be more witty or something but I’m clearly not as good as Duncan at this sort of thing. Sort of thing.


A thoroughly action packed show again as we seem to be doing them about once every two weeks right now. So without further ado, here’s what’s on the show:

Main film coverage -

Jezebels (AKA Switchblade Sisters)
Land of Doom
Lost in New York

Very briefly covered films are:

Real Steel, 3 Musketeers, Truck Turner, ROTOR, Wolfpack, 10 Cents a dance, Mexicali Rose

And Duncan also talks a little about Gears of War 2.

There’s music from the Drive soundtrack in the form of College (ft Electric Youth), Cliff Martinez and Desire.

That’s your lot and bob might be your uncle should your uncle be called bob.


In this episode we discuss:


On the Road


Troll Hunter
The Jacket
The Last Unicorn
The Collector

Vanetica (which is mistakenly called Valencia during the podcast)
Mount & Blade

Falling Skies
Secret Circle
There’s music from Beck, Kas Product and Iamamiwhoami


After a somewhat faltering start to Series 3 due to Duncan’s unfortunate work schedule, we’re back with a bumper episode. Except really it’s a special. But nevertheless we’re calling it episode 2. We review 45 films in just over an hour. This is because w’ere going through our checked off films on icheckmovies.com. These films are:

Raging Bull
The Debt Collector
Short Time
Shutter Island
American Psycho II: All American Girl
Fatal Beauty
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Pulse 2: Afterlife
El Mascarado Massacre
Rabbit Seasoning
Dark Angel: The Ascent
Children of Men
The Big Bus
The Great Escape
City of Ember
Working Girl
In the Company of Men
The Miracle Woman
Woman of the Year
The Fly
America Unchained-
The Lincoln Lawyer
When in Rome
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
Union Pacific
Anna and the King
No Reservations
Captain America: The First Avenger


The Runaways
Black Death
Meet John Doe
Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
Batoru rowaiaru
Double Dragon

Anyway. We hope you enjoy it.


A real treat for you, dear listeners, with this week’s podcast. I think this episode will really highlight how in touch we are with our demographic. We bring you a live-play of the Jason Donovan “Straight From The Heard” boardgame!

We discover that either there are some pretty glaring game design flaws at work; or Duncan & Derek cannot grasp the rules of a board game designed for 7-year-old girls.

Podcast link below this picture.

Jason Donovan - Straight From The Heart!


Derek and Duncan give a running commentry on the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest – but don’t worry, we skipped out all the music! Increasingly drunken slurring, songs making Duncan quite angry, and insulting the dead in this half-hour-and-a-bit special.


Another thirty minutes of Derek and Duncan aimlessly wandering around Doncaster whilst emiting gutteral intonations, forming compressions waves in the air, picked up by a small diaphram and converted into an electric signal, compressed, then yadda yadda you know the rest.

Reviews of Scream 4 and Never Let Me Go, and various bits of waffle.


Reviews of films Sucker Punch, The Eagle, The Secret of Moonacre, and the game Railworks, all whilst we travel by foot to a mystery location.


- DJ Hero
- Red Faction: Guerilla
- World of Warcraft (part 2)

Films! – With guest reviewer, Eddie.
- Whip It (2009)
- Night Nurse (1931)
- Transporter 3 (2008)

- Hostages (level 1) – Alberto Gonzales
- APB – David Whittaker
- System Shock (Elevator music) – Greg LoPiccolo

This week’s recommended podcast is Ludus Novus: False Narrativism, by Gergor Weir. Try the episodes on Oszustwo and Awesome Zone.