In this episode we talk about:

All This Panic

Beauty and the Beast

Christine (2016)

Get Out

Kong Skull Island

Personal Shopper

Also accidentally features thematically appropriate music from Siouxsie and the Banshees in the form of track Christine. Professionalism. We’re not it.


In this episode of 65,000,000 words we talk about many things, fools and kings but discover the greatest thing you’ll ever learn won’t be learned on Iconochromatic. As such though we discuss the following:

John Carter

The Raven

War Inc.


It (1927)

Beyond Reanimator

Contrab(“r” – Simon Mayo)and

Harvet Moon Bazaar (or something)

Jewel Quest Masters

Don’t expect to be properly enlightened about them afterwards.  There’s also music from Toyah.

That’s it. Nothing more.