In the final episode of series 4 we discuss:

Lie To Me

The Thick of It

Fast Girls


Some iOS games.

Dead Island (360)

With music from Spacebuoy and Toxic Avenger.

There’s quite a bit of gaming talk in this one near the end actually.


We are praiseworthy of Take Shelter and we ponder the physics behind Captain Forever.


A real treat for you, dear listeners, with this week’s podcast. I think this episode will really highlight how in touch we are with our demographic. We bring you a live-play of the Jason Donovan “Straight From The Heard” boardgame!

We discover that either there are some pretty glaring game design flaws at work; or Duncan & Derek cannot grasp the rules of a board game designed for 7-year-old girls.

Podcast link below this picture.

Jason Donovan - Straight From The Heart!


This is the first in a series of gaming specials. This premier podcast is a bit of an experiment – a live-play of Derek and Duncan playing the classic Spectrum game Chaos, by Julian Gollop. Can we capture the excitement of a wizard-battling video game… without the video? What happens when two unprofessional broadcasters try to give a running commentary at the same time? Is it all an illusion?

Gooey Blob Forum
Chaos at Wikipedia
Chaos Remakes Wiki


- DJ Hero
- Red Faction: Guerilla
- World of Warcraft (part 2)

Films! – With guest reviewer, Eddie.
- Whip It (2009)
- Night Nurse (1931)
- Transporter 3 (2008)

- Hostages (level 1) – Alberto Gonzales
- APB – David Whittaker
- System Shock (Elevator music) – Greg LoPiccolo

This week’s recommended podcast is Ludus Novus: False Narrativism, by Gergor Weir. Try the episodes on Oszustwo and Awesome Zone.


Apologies, as this episode was delayed by a week. This was due to technical difficulties. Also domestic, financial, political, ideological and metaphysical difficulties.
- World of Warcraft (definitive marks out of 10 given)
- Dwarf Fortress (huge piles of dead dragonflies)
- Saints Row 2
- DJ Hero
- Kick Ass
- Rambo
- The Humanoid
- Runaway Car
- Duncan Recommends a Podcast = Sordid Cinema
- This week’s music by Bone Orchard


* Games! Part 2 of Duncan’s review of Borderlands (Xbox 360)
* Films! Derek spills the beans on Shutter Island, Nanny McPhee, Nanny McGee and the Big Salvation and X-Com: Terror from Underneath the Sea
* New Feature! “I’ve Just Installed A Game And Now I’m Going To Play It.”
* Balancing A Game Box On My Head

Music this episode:
* 10 PRINT “HELLO WORLD” by Core Wizard and Dark Master
* 20 GOTO 10 by Core Wizard and Dark Master

This episode’s “Duncan Recommends a Podcast” is The Long Now Foundation


Supermarket Mania,
Juiced 2

Arena (1989) (with special guest)

This week’s music:
“Girl with a Gun” – Bone Orchard
“I Love the Barbarian” – from Arena

This week’s “Duncan Recommends a Podcast” is Dwarf Fortress Talk

We were to include the Alice in Wonderland reviews, but this is still in editing. I doubt many of you could stomach 45 minutes of barely audible recording.


The Logo for Iconochromatic 16Films!
Rambo: First Blood: Part 2: Rambo II
Rambo III: 3

From Paris With Love
Exit Through the Gift Shop

Capitalism: A Love Story
Maisy’s Colours and Counting

Emilie Autumn at The Leadmill
Kris Menace

This week’s Dunc Recommends a Podcast is RPG Circus

Music played in this episode:




(And Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and you waffling about Plants Vs Zombies – Derek)

Rambo: First Blood: Part 1: Rambo
Ice Pirates
Youth in Revolt

(And Princess and the Frog featuring Janine reviewing – Derek)

Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be much there, but we will somehow waste 1 hour of your life. (That’s because you forgot to include two other games AND YOUR WIFE – Derek)

“Zombie on your Lawn” – Laura Shigihara
“As We May Think” - Revolution Void
“Biomythos” - Revolution Void

Some kind of new feature where YOU the listener vote on whether or not the next Iconochromatic will actually have any content. I predict no votes either way.