game review

We are praiseworthy of Take Shelter and we ponder the physics behind Captain Forever.

game review

More of the usual waffle. This time we talk about the following:

Disappearance of Alice Kreed

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Jumping Jack Flash



Hunter Prey

Cowboys and Aliens

Halo Reach

Rock Band 3

And features music by:

Schneider TM
Sand , Norton White & Select´╗┐

And here’s a nice making of collage:

(c) Janine Timiney 2011

game review

A real treat for you, dear listeners, with this week’s podcast. I think this episode will really highlight how in touch we are with our demographic. We bring you a live-play of the Jason Donovan “Straight From The Heard” boardgame!

We discover that either there are some pretty glaring game design flaws at work; or Duncan & Derek cannot grasp the rules of a board game designed for 7-year-old girls.

Podcast link below this picture.

Jason Donovan - Straight From The Heart!

game review

Reviews of films Sucker Punch, The Eagle, The Secret of Moonacre, and the game Railworks, all whilst we travel by foot to a mystery location.

game review

- DJ Hero
- Red Faction: Guerilla
- World of Warcraft (part 2)

Films! – With guest reviewer, Eddie.
- Whip It (2009)
- Night Nurse (1931)
- Transporter 3 (2008)

- Hostages (level 1) – Alberto Gonzales
- APB – David Whittaker
- System Shock (Elevator music) – Greg LoPiccolo

This week’s recommended podcast is Ludus Novus: False Narrativism, by Gergor Weir. Try the episodes on Oszustwo and Awesome Zone.

game review

Apologies, as this episode was delayed by a week. This was due to technical difficulties. Also domestic, financial, political, ideological and metaphysical difficulties.
- World of Warcraft (definitive marks out of 10 given)
- Dwarf Fortress (huge piles of dead dragonflies)
- Saints Row 2
- DJ Hero
- Kick Ass
- Rambo
- The Humanoid
- Runaway Car
- Duncan Recommends a Podcast = Sordid Cinema
- This week’s music by Bone Orchard

game review

* Games! Part 2 of Duncan’s review of Borderlands (Xbox 360)
* Films! Derek spills the beans on Shutter Island, Nanny McPhee, Nanny McGee and the Big Salvation and X-Com: Terror from Underneath the Sea
* New Feature! “I’ve Just Installed A Game And Now I’m Going To Play It.”
* Balancing A Game Box On My Head

Music this episode:
* 10 PRINT “HELLO WORLD” by Core Wizard and Dark Master
* 20 GOTO 10 by Core Wizard and Dark Master

This episode’s “Duncan Recommends a Podcast” is The Long Now Foundation

game review

Supermarket Mania,
Juiced 2

Arena (1989) (with special guest)

This week’s music:
“Girl with a Gun” – Bone Orchard
“I Love the Barbarian” – from Arena

This week’s “Duncan Recommends a Podcast” is Dwarf Fortress Talk

We were to include the Alice in Wonderland reviews, but this is still in editing. I doubt many of you could stomach 45 minutes of barely audible recording.

game review



(And Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and you waffling about Plants Vs Zombies – Derek)

Rambo: First Blood: Part 1: Rambo
Ice Pirates
Youth in Revolt

(And Princess and the Frog featuring Janine reviewing – Derek)

Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be much there, but we will somehow waste 1 hour of your life. (That’s because you forgot to include two other games AND YOUR WIFE – Derek)

“Zombie on your Lawn” – Laura Shigihara
“As We May Think” - Revolution Void
“Biomythos” - Revolution Void

Some kind of new feature where YOU the listener vote on whether or not the next Iconochromatic will actually have any content. I predict no votes either way.

game review

Plants vs. Zombies
Be Rich!
Company of Heroes

The International
Keanu something something shouting car boots (He never remembers my film reviews preoperly. It’s The Night Before – Derek)

End of Data – “Sahrah”
Medio Mutante – “Corre Corre” (with kind permission)

Arguments and confusion, as Duncan recommends that the ideal length of a podcast is 1 minute 20 seconds, Plants vs. Zombies is disagreed over, and we fail to sell you an obscure d4-based wargame.

Other stuff:
Ranged Fun