dustin hoffman

We talk about: Numberjacks, Exam, The Long Goodbye, Community and Safe House.

Spot the deliberate factual errors. We also find out that drawing pins rolling pins are useful for “emphasizing your points.”

dustin hoffman

It nearly was a lost christmas episode.  Recorded on the tuesday before christmas and as it was saving Derek pulled out the power and has since had to piece together many hundreds of small files to make this. Audacity recovery didn’t work so a file joiner had to be used. But that created clicks every 6 seconds. So a low pass filter was used to get rid of that but when exported the clicks re-appeared.  So it had to be manually recorded from within audacity. Again.

That took quite a lot of time which explains why this is now released in a decidedly unseasonal manner.

Anyway it’s here now. For what it’s worth. We are joined by the wonderful Iain Lambert, Martin Kilbane, Ross Hendry and once again Vile Electrodes.

Oh and if you want to see Derek’s awesome laser in action, follow this link

dustin hoffman

In an astonishing display of ineptitude, I forgot to upload this despite it being pretty much ready for over a week. Still, when you’re already well behind schedule (all Duncan’s fault with his being busy working) why not be spectacularly behind schedule? Still in this we talk about Dirty Harry, Sudden Fear, Milk, Bullit and The Graduate. Also I go on about Cause of Death for the ipod. I like to think we’ve ended on a high note here. For once I’m pretty happy with what we’ve done. Thank you to everyone who has commented on this series of podcasts and we hope you’ll continute to enjoy Iconochromatic when it moves on to a brand new fresh series 3 in a few weeks.  But that’s it for our film trip across America.