dan akroyd

In this episode of 65,000,000 words we talk about many things, fools and kings but discover the greatest thing you’ll ever learn won’t be learned on Iconochromatic. As such though we discuss the following:

John Carter

The Raven

War Inc.


It (1927)

Beyond Reanimator

Contrab(“r” – Simon Mayo)and

Harvet Moon Bazaar (or something)

Jewel Quest Masters

Don’t expect to be properly enlightened about them afterwards.  There’s also music from Toyah.

That’s it. Nothing more.

dan akroyd

Back so soon! Mainly due to this and the previous episode being in ‘edit hell’ for some time due to a few technical issues. And being busy. And stuff. Anyway enjoy some talk about films to do with Philadelphia, where cheese comes from.

It might sound a bit muffled on the vocals but that’s due to a rather annoying crackling sound that was going off in vocal file. Not sure why. Slightly muffled is a little less annoying than crackly. I think.