colour theory

What Derek doesn’t realize is that we don’t actually speak English – to us it sounds like a tongue shared by our listeners, but we actually speak like “Yip Yip ack ACK yip”. So in addition to converting the files and mixing them, I have to run the audio through a translation program with human speech synthesis. Since there’s no “posh Doncaster” accent freely available, I had to write this software myself – and rewrite it every time because for some reason our non-euclidian alien tongue corrupts the program as it is fed through. Not only that, for some piddling reason, I can’t use a high-level programming language. I have to write it in binary machine code using a microscopic magnet to directly flip the bits on my hard drive plates.

Anyway, we talk about The Hunger Games fresh from the screen, but we ramble on a bit too long. Fortunately a cartoon monkey saves the day.

colour theory

Supermarket Mania,
Juiced 2

Arena (1989) (with special guest)

This week’s music:
“Girl with a Gun” – Bone Orchard
“I Love the Barbarian” – from Arena

This week’s “Duncan Recommends a Podcast” is Dwarf Fortress Talk

We were to include the Alice in Wonderland reviews, but this is still in editing. I doubt many of you could stomach 45 minutes of barely audible recording.

colour theory

Another Skyped episode, and this time we try recording it entirely on Derek’s computer. As a result, Duncan voice often cuts out, is feint, or sometimes arrives in jumbled packages. Hurrah!

In this episode:
* Duncan moans about Prince of Persia: Sands of Time,
* Derek reviews seven movies: The Rural Juror, Carpet of Doom, Cannibal Stewardess Vixens Unchained, Moon Men from Mars, The Hula Girl and the Fullback, A Day in the Life of a Button, and Die, Scum-Sucking Pig, Die
* Music! Happy Ending? by us, and Gethsemane, by us.
* Finding Nemi.
* This week’s Duncan Recommends a Podcast is Skeptoid.

As promised, we would now like to insult our listeners for not reading these shownotes.

Roderiguez – You make my arm slightly ache.
Bill Rench – Your facial features are similar to those of the lower castes.
Grubber Fist – You have the aroma of peas.
Filbert Crud – I bet this morning you dropped a piece of toast, then later knocked over an unopened carton of orange juice. Because you are clumsy.
Jason – You are likely to have scabs on your shins, from picking at spots.
Elane Lareela – I suspect that you think that correlation is the same as causation. Hah! You’ve falled for a common statistical error!
El Fredo – Whilst your taste in music isn’t completely repellent, it is sometimes of dubious technical quality.
Darwin Jones – Yesterday I noticed that you had a bit of broccoli stuck between your teeth, but I didn’t say anything. So it was you who looked like a sillyhead! This time.
Ike – I had a dream that included you, last week. In the dream your middle torso was transparent, and inside you there were bees. You looked really uncomfortable! In my dream.
Zeke Bohansen – Your girlfriend believes in homeopathy. Hah hah, you like kissing a thicky person!
Fred Freak – I have no issues with you. Please can I have my hamster back?