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This week’s Dunc Recommends a Podcast is RPG Circus

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Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Sid Meier’s Colonization: Civilization (PC)
Ghostbusters (Xbox 360)

Up (In the Air)
The Road
Saw V

“Lord of Light” by Zany Roj.
“A Maze of Death” by Philip K. Dick.

This weeks “Duncan Recommends a Podcast” is The Guardian Tech Weekly due to the return of Aleks Krotoski.

Music used in this episode:
Holy Marbles by Tymphony
I wish I could erase

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In the words of Emilie Autum “It’s here and it’s here and it’s here and it’s HERE AND IT’S FINALLY HERE!”. Yes. Sorry about that. It’s all because of our super special guest Iain Simons. Mr Gamecity himself! Wow!Yes that event that was nearly a month ago now and everyone has already forgotten about it.

We talk to him via skype which is coming out of the speakers that are really loud but quite far away.  So it had a lot of room ambience and variable sound quality which took a huge amount of editing and normalisation and eq to sort out. Manually mostly. Duncan had a go at it then left it to Derek who then kept forgetting about it because he’s too busy pretending to be a pop star or something.  Then Duncan got ill and his son got ill and his wife and well it was just a huge old mess. So Derek finally spent another couple of hours chopping it up and EQing before pretty much giving up and largely releasing as is, so sorry about the sound quality. Most of the lower frequencies were removed for the interview section as it was too boomy. Oh and Derek was being too loud because he thought the mic wasn’t picking him up. Which of course was another problem.

So it’s also a bit longer than usual. By about 10 minutes. We tried to get it down to the usual hour but couldn’t do it.

We also talk about Duncan’s book collection and also Derek’s  a bit, a free to play MMORPG called Memento Mori, and the film Jennifer’s Body. Oh and a film that Duncan watched five minutes of recently.


Jan Doyle Band – Succeeded (from the JESUS! tape, 1997)

Jan Doyle Band – Prellen Vinwood’s Paranoia (From Welcome To Jhenge, 1998)

Jan Doyle Band – I Hate Her (From New Songs, 1997)