We unbox, set up, play and review Battleball (2003, Hasbro / MB).

After this, our first game, we did find Mr Bistro’s advanced rules and played again. Using them. In our second game we alternated moving 3 players at a time, which fixed Duncan’s concerns with the viability of formations and strategy; and we game ourselves the option of moving a player a set distance instead of rolling for movement, which fixed Derek’s concerns about the crappiness of players sometimes shuffling along at speeds of 1 or 2.

The Battleball stuff
Pheeep! Isis grabs the ball
Isis is pulped by the Iron Whatsit's heavy tackle
A tense moment, yesterday.


A real treat for you, dear listeners, with this week’s podcast. I think this episode will really highlight how in touch we are with our demographic. We bring you a live-play of the Jason Donovan “Straight From The Heard” boardgame!

We discover that either there are some pretty glaring game design flaws at work; or Duncan & Derek cannot grasp the rules of a board game designed for 7-year-old girls.

Podcast link below this picture.

Jason Donovan - Straight From The Heart!