It’s all about seeing Judge Dredd. Basically. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS RUSHTON!

PS there’s a pedi25 but it’s really bad quality. Download it if you want, though.


We had exactly 8 minutes for today’s film review before the bomb went off, forcing us to repeat the recording until we got it just right.
Well, 8 minutes if you disregard the reviews of Rango, I Am Number 4 and Eagle Eye.


Surely you’re not allowed to add 3D to a film unless it’s the third one in the series, right? Jaws 3D, Friday the 13th Part 3(d), Freddy’s Dead The Final Nightmare 3d (in places) (That last one is no. 6 you dolt. – Ed).

Er anyway. What am I doing go to see a film primarily aimed at kids? Well. I have a bit of a history of it actually. I mean I even went to see the Bratz film. AND I enjoyed it. Sometimes kids films are really good. Even if they are aimed at annoying kids. Like this one kind of is. I mean that horrid creation N-Dubz are on the soundtrack! Ugh! There’s plenty of other music that Duncan would despite as well but I’m  less averse to. It’s well known that I like pretty much anything with synthesisers in.

Another reason to see it was that I’ve rather enjoyed previous dancing related films like Breakdance the Movie (Aka Breakin), Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets. Which probably means I’ll enjoy Step Up 3D (Hurrah proper usage! – Naming fans)

Anyway, what’s it all about? It’s about a girl in a street dance ‘crew’. Her boyfriend who leads them decides he needs some time off from her and the ‘crew’ so she takes over. It doesn’t go too well at first and most of the crew leave until she ends up improbably involved with a ballet school which has an unconventional teacher who thinks the ‘crew’ can teach her dancers to liven up.  So the ballet people get trained in Street Dance and they girly face’s crew for a forthcoming competition. Naturally in the end a fusion of ballet and street (Strallet? Balleet?) is formed to help them stand out from (and in) the competition.

So is it any good? Well yes. Sort of. It’s predictable tosh and it’s acted like it’s a CBBC production. It really has that feel of something like Grange Hill. It’s not a film that’s going to appeal to the likes of Duncan. He’d really hate it. So if you think that Duncan is right about everything then you’re probably best off not seeing this. However if you like Grange Hill and Step Up you’ll probably like this.

I thought at first that the lead girlyface would be really annoying but she actually turned out to be really endearing. She’d got just enough niceness to carry the film without being overly gushy and avoiding the twat factor. I think it’s also pretty nice that a teen girl is given opportunity to lead the film. Her acting isn’t marvelous and she does look rather unfortunately blank at times but overall it’s competent enough to not interfere with your enjoyment.

The dancing is all pretty good if you like that whole Flawless/Diversity think. Which I do happen to think is quite good. On occasion anyway.

The 3D has been said to be the best yet. Well if that’s the best it has to offer us then it really is pointless. It would have been much better in 2D but there was no option to see it in 2D. Bah.

It’s a nice enough way to spend 90 minutes but isn’t really a truly standout bit of film making. It was never meant to be.