We’re a podcast. We likes games. We like films. So we talk about them here. We also like making music. Sometimes. So there’s some of our own compositions from our archives included as well, which will be largely synthesiser based and largely miserable. For some reason. Did you ever complain about Joy Division not being cheerful enough? I think not.

This podcast exists largely because Duncan likes listening to podcasts. Except that he doesn’t listen to this apart from when we do it. The podcast that is. Don’t get any other ideas. But I digress. Frequently. So he wanted to make a podcast. So we did.

We’ve started off with the single microphone picking up people talking as apparently that’s how you do podcasts according to Duncan. Though I’m more in favour of a more studio production quality but we’ll see how this works out.

What you’ll hear is an edited down version of our talking, made to fit within 1 hour. After all, when we’re talking without being edited there’s probably lots of awkward pauses and repeated statements alongside superfluous ones. No one wants to listen to that sort of thing right? We don’t cover many games or many films in each podcast but tend toward more in depth consideration of each item. We’re probably also going to review things on the site that we didn’t get time for in the podcast.

Some of our favourite films include Blade Runner, Aliens, The Thing, Martha Meet Frank Daniel and Lawrence, Ghost in the Shell, A Life Less Ordinary and Breaking Glass.

Some of our favourite games include Dynasty Warriors, Chaos, Rebelstar, Civilisation, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Burning Rangers, Shining Force 3 and the Ace Attourney series.

So hopefully that gives you an idea of where we’re coming from.