Super People Films

It should be said first of that I do not hate superpeople films. For one thing I have not seen nearly enough to judge an entire genre of film and secondly I do not care enough about this particular brand of film to hate it.

I went to see Superman earlier today mainly because I could not get into The Big Sick (that was sold out amazingly); but being in town and having been told by Derek that the Spiderman film was good I thought I should go and see it.

As any listener of the Iconochromatic Podcast will know I didn’t enjoy Wonder Woman; not because it is a super hero film or a film that focuses on women being strong as many have latched onto. Personally I think this can only be a good thing but because I did not think it was a good film. I did not enjoy the story, I did not enjoy the characters in the film as I felt disjointed and not caring for them one way or the other.

And so to Spiderman. This lands with a heavy thump onto my “meh” pile of 2017. This is not my worst film and will not end up on my worst films of 2017 list because it is not, I have seen worse and I am in no doubt I will see others that are far worse.

I do think this is my problem (and to all those who enjoy the superhero franchises I make no apologies for my opinion because that is exactly what is, my opinion) and not the films, I can see the merits, I know people who have enjoyed it and based on the reactions of people around me it was an enjoyable film but the problem is I was just a little bored.

At no stage did I think Peter Parker was in trouble, at no part did I think he was not going to be able to carry on and not win in the end and that is the problem. For these films to work it needs to do a couple of things:

  1. I need to feel a connection with these leads and in this I did not; nothing they did made me feel their plight or care about them
  2. I need to believe there is a threat of danger and this did not exist; I knew whatever was thrown at peter parker he was going to be fine because of course he was
  3. I need to believe in the development of people on screen; I recently saw The Beguiled and My Cousin Rachel, both of these films show how character development is done well

I accept my connection or lack thereof is the problem, something inside me just cannot buy into it and I promise it is not me being a hard noise critic and wanting to poo poo or be contrary about popular films because certain critics have basically made there name or niche from it, I like films, I enjoy films and it left me feeling very down leaving the cinema and not enjoying it, as I said, there is not hate here.

One Superhero films I saw this year and loved was Lego Batman. It had a clear story, it had clear structure, a very sharp and witty script and more than that it got me hooked in. Without wishing to give spoilers it made me feel for the people I was meant to feel for. Even the enemies. In this I actually cared more about and thought more highly of Adrian Toomes than anyone else in the film but I believe that was the point.

Everything he said was correct and was true and maybe that was the point or maybe it wasn’t, that I am unsure of, what I am sure of is that I paid my attention and I cared far more whenever he was on screen for which I say well done Michael Keaton.

It is possible in the future I may give the superhero Genre another try because based on the trailers I have seen the films are not going away and if they are not that is fine, I am just very pleased that other films are being made in the same way I am glad these films are being made because the world would be a dull place if we took the stance of that only films that one person liked should be made.