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We unbox, set up, play and review Battleball (2003, Hasbro / MB).

After this, our first game, we did find Mr Bistro’s advanced rules and played again. Using them. In our second game we alternated moving 3 players at a time, which fixed Duncan’s concerns with the viability of formations and strategy; and we game ourselves the option of moving a player a set distance instead of rolling for movement, which fixed Derek’s concerns about the crappiness of players sometimes shuffling along at speeds of 1 or 2.

The Battleball stuff
Pheeep! Isis grabs the ball
Isis is pulped by the Iron Whatsit's heavy tackle
A tense moment, yesterday.

For our listeners interested in home computing nostalgia, I am continuing to upload my video of the Matthew Smith interview from the 2009 Videogame Nation exhibition at the Urbis in Manchester. Sorry it’s taken 2 years, and all that.

Here’s part 1, then just follow the annotations in the top right. So far I’ve uploaded about 30 minutes of the hour-long interview.


Derek and Duncan give a running commentry on the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest – but don’t worry, we skipped out all the music! Increasingly drunken slurring, songs making Duncan quite angry, and insulting the dead in this half-hour-and-a-bit special.

This week we hadn’t watched anything. Or played anything. Or otherwise done anything of interest. As such we go super self indulgent with dewy eyed nostalgia for things past. Originally it was meant to be a look at our favourite things music games and films but it just descends into a sepia tinted haze.

Anyway we hope you’ll enjoy our trip down memory lane.

Or something.

Roughly 55 minutes of interview with Mark Horse of Bone Orchard who is now a member of The Blue Hearts

Following the interview there’s another 30 minutes or so of music. Some never released versions of late era Bone Orchard and a the unreleased tracks from the band that followed that went by the name of ‘The Fire Sermon’. The track listing is as follows:

Bone Orchard:
Princess Epilepsy (Long Version)
Dumb Poet 2 (extra guitar)

The Fire Sermon:

You’re My Baby
Lost Way Within
Tore Down
The Pact
Skin Shadows
The Butcher
Hung Like Rope

You may also be interested in the following archives of Bone Orchard press cuttings:

Archive 1
Archive 1

Mark Horse was very kind in providing all these extra bits and pieces so why not do him a favour and like The Blue Hearts on facebook and also buy the Blue Hearts CD

Here is a blatant plug for my wife’s Zazzle page. Not that anyone reads the Iconochromatic blog.

Make a personalized gift at Zazzle.

- DJ Hero
- Red Faction: Guerilla
- World of Warcraft (part 2)

Films! – With guest reviewer, Eddie.
- Whip It (2009)
- Night Nurse (1931)
- Transporter 3 (2008)

- Hostages (level 1) – Alberto Gonzales
- APB – David Whittaker
- System Shock (Elevator music) – Greg LoPiccolo

This week’s recommended podcast is Ludus Novus: False Narrativism, by Gergor Weir. Try the episodes on Oszustwo and Awesome Zone.

Apologies, as this episode was delayed by a week. This was due to technical difficulties. Also domestic, financial, political, ideological and metaphysical difficulties.
- World of Warcraft (definitive marks out of 10 given)
- Dwarf Fortress (huge piles of dead dragonflies)
- Saints Row 2
- DJ Hero
- Kick Ass
- Rambo
- The Humanoid
- Runaway Car
- Duncan Recommends a Podcast = Sordid Cinema
- This week’s music by Bone Orchard

* Games! Part 2 of Duncan’s review of Borderlands (Xbox 360)
* Films! Derek spills the beans on Shutter Island, Nanny McPhee, Nanny McGee and the Big Salvation and X-Com: Terror from Underneath the Sea
* New Feature! “I’ve Just Installed A Game And Now I’m Going To Play It.”
* Balancing A Game Box On My Head

Music this episode:
* 10 PRINT “HELLO WORLD” by Core Wizard and Dark Master
* 20 GOTO 10 by Core Wizard and Dark Master

This episode’s “Duncan Recommends a Podcast” is The Long Now Foundation

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