Completely unedited chat about The Witch just as it happened live on http://defsynth.com. New co-host Christopher Windsor joins for this experimental live broadcast of Iconochromatic. Well I say US but I really mean ME ¬†because Duncan wasn’t available.

We talk about The Witch for about 20 minutes or so before playing a bit of Emilie Autumn then going on to mention a few things about Room.

Astonishingly less than a month since we put the last one online here’s another episode!


Turbulence 3

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2


Edge of Tomorrow


RPG Maker

Audio things:

Doctor Who:  Cobwebs

Music played:

Bauhaus – She’s In Parties

Izzie Voodoo – Neat 17


Sorry about that.

We catch up on films seen since the last broadcast which was rather a long time ago. December 2012 we think.

Obviously that means LOADS of films.

We also talk about Farscape, The Good Wife and Fringe TV shows. Music from Psydoll and Add N To X.

Pediconochromatic returns with a bit of waffle about The World’s End and some games.

That’s it really.

It’s been quite a while since this was recorded. Sorry about that. Busy.

Nearly 6 months into the year and we finally produce something of a proper podcast. Watching eurovision and getting drunk in the process. It’s what Terry Wogan would have wanted. Anyway. It’s 90 minutes of nonsense that you might enjoy. There really isn’t anything more you can say than that. Oh and typical of us to release something once no one actually cares anymore…

Iconochromatic’s finger being constantly off the pulse we bring you a festive special pediconochromatic where derek talks of all the christmas related films he’s seen over the period. Also the period between christmas and new year gets called ‘golden week’ which is actually a celebration more around may time. But hey we never let facts get in the way. Here’s a rundown of the films seen:

Christmas Star
The Santa Clause 1,2,3
Santa Claus The Movie
Muppets Christmas Carol

And possibly some others that have been forgotten right now.

As the world didn’t end on december 21st, it was thought appropriate to release this which was recorded best part of a month ago. Anyway, if you’ve recovered from all your festive shenanigans then you’re probably best off not listening to this but if you haven’t and you’re still drunk, you’ll be fine.

In this we (well mainly Derek) talk of:

Here Comes the Boom

The Sapphires

City of the Living Dead

Ruby Sparks


and the Elder Sign Board game.

Music is from The Home Office and Fuzzbox.

Walking and talking about Skyfall, Argo, Agora, house and sitting down talking about The Perfect sleep.

For your benefit we torture ourselves by playing the Crystal Maze board game for a second time. We must really love you. More pictures to follow shortly…

In this episode we are joined by possibly new regular co-presenter Garry Fromont who you may know from a) the last episode and b) that episode ages ago in series 4. We discuss many things and bemoan the lack of professional setup despite Derek’s best attempts. Peculiarly the singstar microphone does a much better job than the AKG one. Still never mind. We talk of the follow, some of them more in depth than others.

Cockneys vs Zombies

Puppet Master 2

Youth in Revolt

Troll Hunter

Princess Bride


Resident Evil Apocalypse

Tresspass (2011)

Parks and Recreation

There’s also a competition in this episode where you can win an as yet unidentified and unselected dvd. It’s a mystery what it is! But that’s part of the fun. Our email address is team at iconochromatic.com.

Music this time is from the Bastard Fairies and Talk Talk. This is all the information you need for now.

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