Derek and Chris talk about

Blade Runner 2049
Goodbye Christopher Robin
Home Again
Philp K Dick’s Electric Dreams episodes 2&3
Wind River

Music from:
James Ray and the Performance
Depeche Mode
Nadine Shah

In this epic length podcast (our longest ever, mainly thanks to getting a bit carried away with Spice Girls songs) we discuss:

Day of the Maggots

Kingsman the Golden Circle

The Limehouse Golem

Logan Lucky


Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams Episode 1 – The Hood Makers

Spice World the Movie

Victoria and Abdul

Looking back the recent event at Aatma Manchester organised by Derek which was of a somewhat Goth Punk nature, which is an entirely new world to chris so it’s exciting to discover what a newbie to the scene things.

Band pages:

American Made
Captain Underpants
Final Portrait
Your Name

With music from Park Fires, The Department, Vieon and Promenade Cinem

Derek and Chris talk about:

A Ghost Story
Atomic Blonde
The Big Sick
Girls Trip
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
With music from
Duck – Monsters http://facebook.com/duckbandukhttp://duck5.bandcamp.com
Tangerinecat – I Don’t Want to be a White Master http://tangerinecat.net
Echobelly – King of the Kerb
Zeitgeist Zero – Don’t Pop My Bubble http://zeitgeistzero.com
The Webb – Situations http://facebook.com/thewebb.band http://thewebb1.bandcamp.com

Night Shift Manchester tickets http://tinyurl.com/nsmanctickets

Derek and Christ talk of:

Before I Fall

The Beguiled

Cars 3

The Circle

It Comes At Night

Spider Man Homecoming

War for the Planet of the Apes

And there’s music from


Circuit 3 ft Promenade Cinema


Factory Acts

We talk about:

Baby Driver



Glow (Netflix drama)

Norman: The Rise and Fall of a New York Fixer

The Red Turtle

Spider Man Homecoming

And have music from Berlyn Trilogy and Promenade Cinema

We talk about

King Arthur

Wonder Woman

My Cousin Rachel

Freddy Got Fingered

My Life as a Courgette

With music from

Grauzone, The Undertones, Gravity Slip and Caldera

Alien: Covenant


Miss Sloane

Rules Don’t Apply

and a bit of music from Soft Riot

In this episode Derek & Chris talk about Their Finest (a bit), going to the cinema on your own and then a bit about TV programmes such as Doctor Who, American Gods and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Also Chris possibly gets blown up.

Or is hearing things.

And spends 5 minutes looking something up on the computer.

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