Iconochromatic not dead! We talk about lots of films! But not as many as we could have done.
In this we talk of:


Bad Boys For Live

Midnight Traveler

The Turning


Weathering With You

(Plus a little about 1917, Bombshell and Jojo Rabbit)

Recorded best part of a month ago. And we talked about some films. They were probably some that were good and some that weren’t quite so good. And we probably didn’t express our opinions on them very well. But anyway some of you seem to like to listen to us so here it is. Finally.

Oh actually there’s a bit of John Wick 3 talk in there. That’s something I just discovered when rescuing the file from being 28 minutes long. It’s now totally unedited so there might be some stuff in there that shouldn’t be. Oops.

I should mention also my computer crashed a few times during the recording so it can be a bit disjointed here and there. Terrible production quality eh? Sorry. I’d like to say we’d get better but we probably won’t.

We talked about some films. A long time ago. Then I forgot to upload it. For a LONG time. So long we recorded another podcast quite a long time ago that was after it. Sorry. We talk about some films. I could listen back to it and find out but that would mean I have to listen to myself croak and that’s not good.

Anyway enjoy whatever it is.

Talk about The Favourite, Colette, Front Runner and The Upside. And it’s really short. Only 50 minutes as opposed to our more usual 90 minutes or so. So that’s good. Probably.

Derek, Chris and Stephen talk about.. HEY! Wait a minute! What’s this Stephen?? Oh yeah! Stephen Batchelor oft our listener and occasional guest joins us once again to improve things hugely. Anyway as you’d expect from the title, we’re looking at what films are coming out in 2019 and saying which look like they’ll be interesting and perhaps which might make it and which might bomb.

After first of all giving you the list of the most disappointing cinema experiences in 2018 we now give you our most lovely experiences. Again we didn’t see everything but of what we saw these were wonderful films. At first we were thinking that 2018 was going to prove a rubbish year but there were still loads of lovely films out. Please seek out every film we mention. They may be rather a wonderful surprise…

There may well have been worse films in 2018 but we didn’t see every film so can only go on our feelings toward what we saw. Some of the selections may be rather surprising to you as others may have rated them to be in the best. Anyway for 46 minutes you can find out what films displeased us and why.

This episode sees us review:

Assassination Nation

Dead in a Week Or Your Money Back

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

He Won’t Get Far On Foot

L’Monde Lamant Double

Leave No Trace


Robin Hood (2018)

And of course this podcast edition has bits that aren’t very good added on for no good reason.

Almost keeping up with every two weeks kind of schedule (but hey the last two were less than a week apart!) here’s another mediocre episode of ill expressed opinions stated in stumbling incoherent fashion. In this episode Chris had been rubbish and not watched any films at the cinema so Derek had to take up the slack and adds 6 films to the mix.

These films happen to be:

The Fog


Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Slaughterhouse Rulez

The Hate U Give


This episode was broadcast live on facebook but this special podcast version features around 20 minutes of extra ‘bonus’ material. None of it actually much good but still there you go. Enjoy!

Hot on the heels of our last episode we present for Halloween, another standard show! It does feature a review of the 2018 Halloween film though so that’s something.


Bad Times At El Royale

Bohemian Rhapsody

First Man

Halloween 2018

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