It's the logo for Cylonochromatic Season 2 episode 1

Season 2 of Cyclochromatic begins. I haven’t listened back this so I can’t tell you what’s in it. I can only remember Derek interrupting me repeatedly for an extended period of time.

It’s mainly just a load of nonsense about the rebelstar roleplaying campaign we’re running. – Derek

The logo for Iconochromatic 15

The logo for Iconochromatic 15

Hello! Listener/Reader! That isn’t meant to be a case of just addressing whomsoever happens to be reading, no this is directed at YOU our single listener/reader. Well okay there may be more of you but I have trouble understanding the stats. There seems to be an awful lot of requests for files and yet not much bandwidth is being used. I don’t understand. Write in and explain in the comments below.

We still haven’t heard anything back on the listener vote yet so do please get in touch about it. Your say really can make a difference.

And speaking of difference, this episode has been edited and published by Me, Derek, for a change. There’s good reason as you’ll find out when listening. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But then I forget no one actually reads this do they?

Instead of listing the content of this episode, I’m instead going to mention what I’ve cut out.

  • 2592 instances of me going “indeed”
  • 1920 sounds of a guest coughing/clearing throat
  • 9211 instance of someone starting their sentence twice
  • a cat leaving the room

So there you have it. Episode 15 in all its glory. Enjoy.

P.S. Music in this episode:

Jan Doyle Band – She Was Right (Williams) from The Axis Syndrome (1995)

iainl – Underwater

Jan Doyle Band – Lucid (Curtis/Williams) 2004

Plants vs. Zombies
Be Rich!
Company of Heroes

The International
Keanu something something shouting car boots (He never remembers my film reviews preoperly. It’s The Night Before – Derek)

End of Data – “Sahrah”
Medio Mutante – “Corre Corre” (with kind permission)

Arguments and confusion, as Duncan recommends that the ideal length of a podcast is 1 minute 20 seconds, Plants vs. Zombies is disagreed over, and we fail to sell you an obscure d4-based wargame.

Other stuff:
Ranged Fun

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Sid Meier’s Colonization: Civilization (PC)
Ghostbusters (Xbox 360)

Up (In the Air)
The Road
Saw V

“Lord of Light” by Zany Roj.
“A Maze of Death” by Philip K. Dick.

This weeks “Duncan Recommends a Podcast” is The Guardian Tech Weekly due to the return of Aleks Krotoski.

Music used in this episode:
Holy Marbles by Tymphony
I wish I could erase

Other stuff:
Dunc’s Algomusic

Apparently 50 minutes is the “sweet spot”.
So here’s the first 50 minutes of ICM #11.
No jokes here.
Nothing to see, move on.

* Partial book reviews! Lord of the Flies and The House of Leaves.
* Film reviews! Of. Um… Okay, so maybe there weren’t any.
* Game reviews! Prince of Persia, except we didnt’ get round to it. Sorry.
* TV show reviews! Iron Man: Armoured Adventures. So that’s one review, singular.
* Guest host double fail! We hook Alex up to the conversation minutes before the end of the show, and fail to capture his audio anyway.
* Extra short length! Because hard-working mommies deserve computer time, too.

Music this week:
* More Hired Guns Amiga music composed by Brian Johnston and mashed up by Kyntteri1.
* Silkworm on the Speccy (Tecmo). Much better than the Amiga version, which used hideous samples.

This week’s Duncan Recommends a Podcast is Little Atoms (which you can also listen to on Resonance FM)

Iconochromatic Christmas Logo

Recorded live at Derek’s family christmas party where Derek’s PS3 is on hand to provide you with a playthrough of Resistance 2 and Pixeljunk Shooter and some ASDA shortbread fingers (which are very nice). Also we discuss our received presents.

This is quite possibly the worst quality podcast we’ve ever produced and was slightly under the influence of some Sauvignon wine that Derek had for lunch. Though to be honest you probably won’t notice any difference.

Merry christmas listener(s)!

Correction #1: The H.R. Giger museum is in Zurich, not “Germany”.
Correction #2: Duncan has also seen District 9 this year, so can actually formulate a Top 6 Films of 2009.

It took a week to edit, despite it not requiring much work, and then it was sat on the server for the weekend without being linked-to. But it’s here now.
*A guest (briefly, before Duncan’s family arrived home and distracted him to the point of being unable to continue)
*An (or a) Xmas present
*Film reviews: Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Bring It On 1, 2 and 3, Some old film with Clark Gable (It Happened One Night)
*Game reviews: Empire: Total War
*Some other stuff.

Music this week is some Amiga tunes: Chaos Engine (Farook and Haroon Joi, Richard Joseph [RIP]) and Hired Guns (Brian Johnston)

This week’s Duncan Recommends a Podcast was Critical Hit, a Major Spoilers podcast. It’s a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

I’m not quite sure about the numbering system we have. Isn’t this actually episode 10?  Shouldn’t the Cyclochromatics have seperate episode numbers? (They do but they also have the numbering of .5 after the previous Iconochromatic – Derek)
In this episode we talk about how cold Duncan’s fingers are, and then Derek takes a phone call before urgently wanting to take a massive detour into the depths of Cantley. HMM, SUSPICIOUS.

Risking terrible dangers in the form of CARNIVOROUS TOYOTA PICKUPS and MYSTERIOUS MOTORISED LURKERS, we bring you another Cyclochromatic (or Cycloconochromatic, or something). It’s still not quite time for episode 6, so our numbering scheme breaks into the third significant digit.

Duncan tries to explain the forthcoming Rebelstar boardgame, and Derek reviews some sausage rolls; however this was largely edited out by MOTHER NATURE HERSELF.

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